Security forces on the ball

File photo.

Jihadists arrested on Spanish soil

In a week that has seen the IS terrorist recruiter Samira Yerou apprehended as soon as she touched down at Barcelona airport, it would appear that the Spanish anti-terrorist forces are back in action today in Ceuta with the capture of another two Jihadists in a dawn raid.

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior said the two Moroccan men arrested this morning have Spanish nationality, and are part of an active terrorist cell of which four other members were arrested back in January. They also add that these men were prepared and poised to launch an attack on Spanish soil.


Seeing as the two pairs of brothers arrested in January were described as “fitting the same profile as the Kouachi brothers” (responsible for the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices on January 7 in Paris) it looks like the proactive fight against terrorism is very much, ‘on the ball!’


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