Phone thieves arrested

File photo.

GUARDIA CIVIL officers from Vicar have arrested three people, including two minors, on suspicion of theft of mobile phones and receiving stolen goods.

The two minors, both aged 14, are accused of stealing mobile phones from cars in La Mojonera.

A third person, MJM aged 19, is accused of receiving the stolen phones.

Officers first learned of the two children during preliminary investigations into the theft of mobile phones from cars.

The officers contacted the parents of the children and interviewed the accused to establish guilt and to find out where the mobile phones had been passed on to.

During the interviews, the youngsters are reported to have given details of MJM, to whom they are said to have sold the mobile phones.

After a number of contradictions and changes in his story, MJM eventually admitted receiving stolen goods and was formally arrested.

MJM and the two minors now await processing at El Ejido magistrate’s court and by the juvenile prosecution service.



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