Gin Tonic month causes controversy in Almuñecar

Brandon Leon on flickr

MEMBERS of the PA Andalucian nationalist party of Almuñecar-La Herradura have raised complaints after the council announced March as the ‘Gin Tonic month.’

The council launched the initiative in collaboration with an alcoholic beverage brand and members of PP claimed that the decision has “produced great concern amongst neighbours associations and those involved in the fight against alcohol and other drug addictions.”

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“It is outrageous that a public administration such as Almuñecar Council would sponsor and promote alcohol consumption, a great social scourge that affects large groups of citizens,” they continued.

 “The government is using public money to promote alcohol consumption, sponsoring between March 1 and 28 the ‘Gin Tonic Month,’ even giving prices to those who prove that they have completed a route around the participating establishments, with the consequent alcohol intake that it represents,” and they have requested for the immediate cancellation of this ‘route.’


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