Public Prosecutor opposes DNA tests for former king of Spain

Cordon Press

The Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Spanish Supreme Court is against DNA tests being carried out on the former king of Spain.

The prosecutor’s office supported the appeal presented by former King Juan Carlos’ lawyers against the admission to court of a paternity suit by Belgian woman Jeanne Sartiau, Europa Press has reported.

The office insists that the case should not be taken any further than a suit based on court hearing laws, stating: “Under no circumstances should the suit be accepted if no proof is provided.”

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The fact that a different version to that presented at the courts was given on a television programme by the woman, who claims to be King Juan Carlos’ illegitimate daughter, was also mentioned in the statement.

The Supreme Court agreed in January to hear the case, ignoring the Public Prosecutor’s arguments that the proof provided and the existence of a relationship between the former head of state and the woman’s mother were not credible.


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