La Vila unearths more of its ancient history


THE remains of an Iberian temple were recently uncovered in Villajoyosa’s Plaza de la Iglesia.

The excavations led by archaeologist Ana Martinez revealed a pre-Roman place of worship dated between the fifth and third centuries BC.

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Excavated areas are of limited size since they were located in an old town house currently being restored as a small hotel. It could have been a chapel in a local aristocrat’s home, the archaeologist said, but was probably an urban temple. It is situated at the highest point of the town, the usual site for public temples and judging by the complex ground plan there were various rooms.

The dig also revealed important objects including votive offerings of Greek origin or influence.

“Each time we put a spade in the ground in La Vila we encounter a piece of our history, like these Iberian finds that are amongst the most important to appear in this province for years,” said Villajoyosa’s mayor Jaime Lloret.


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