Andalucian parents soon to save on vaccinations


PARENT of new babies in Andalucia will be €229 richer than previously within the next two years thanks to a new addition to the vaccination calendar.

Although some areas of Spain including Valencia, La Rioja, Madrid, Cantabria and Basque Country have already included pneumococcal vaccinations on the calendar for this year, in Andalucia it may take another year or two.

The vaccinations, which are given to babies at two, four and 12 months, help prevent pneumonia, meningitis, sinusitis, ear infections and other ailments caused by the pneumococcus bacteria and are highly recommended by doctors.

The Spanish Paediatrics Association has applauded the Health Service initiative, which aims to have the vaccinations on the calendars of all regions by 2017.


  1. Hurrah! We get to poison our children and make money on it – where do governments get these edgy ideas from.

    “and are highly recommended by doctors.” – but not necessary. The devil is in the detail folks.


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