Stricter regulations to check all devices inside cabin luggage

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ALL electrical and electronic devices inside cabin luggage will be checked before boarding flights as of March 1 due to a new law established in Brussels.

Flight passengers will now not only display liquids and sharp objects, but also devices such as photo and video cameras, laptops and phones, as well as larger electrical devices such as irons, hair driers, toys with batteries or small sewing machines.

The new regulations will affect all European airports and Spanish Airport Company AENA has estimated the cost of its establishment at around €17 million.


Destinations such as USA will count on stricter measures. For instance, tablet devices, mobile phones or laptops that have not been charged beforehand could be confiscated.

“During the inspections, officers could ask owners to turn on some of the devices, including mobile phones. Uncharged devices will not be allowed on board,” said a statement released by the Transport Safety Administration of the United States (TSA).

Head of Aena, Fernando Echegaray, explained last Friday (February 27) that the company has foreseen the employment of new safety officers to ensure the appropriate development of the new measure.

“Recent data has shown that new methods to hide explosive artifacts have been developed by terrorists, with the goal of fighting against the safety measures taken by airports regarding cabin luggage,” the new regulation’s texts reads.

This is why, they explained, safety measures were to be reinforced to eliminate the threat of a potential explosive artifact hidden inside suitcases which are to travel inside the plane’s cabin.  



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