Erica’s blog 20: February 20


An early night and I’m ready for another day


STILL getting back to an even keel after the tragic death of Angus on February 8.

 Family and friends have had a rough time coming to terms with his untimely departure. By the end of last week I was totally drained and in desperate need of sleep. My next chemo session was booked for February 18 and with such a lack of sleep and irregular meal times, coupled with extreme stress and sadness, I was wondering whether my blood tests would be up to scratch.

So into my car I got and drove to the hospital and had my blood test done. Those of you who read my blog will recognise the pattern. Then off for breakfast and then a three hour wait to see the oncologist. She cheerfully greeted me and asked me how I was. Well that was a question!

I replied I was fine despite everything! I asked after my test results and she said everything was fine and my immune system was doing really well. Miracles never cease as I was half expecting her to say that I would not be able to have the treatment due to some dive in my results. Luckily for me this wasn’t the case.

I was hooked up for blasting number five. Joy of joys, María Jesús the nurse, an utter star, got the line in first time! This was the first in the next cycle of treatment, so Rosa, the chemo nurse, came and gave me a chat about the possible side effects. I say ‘possible’ because they are worst case scenarios. Frankly I pay very little attention to them and that way they don’t affect me.

Who wants their eyelashes to fall out, their nails to blacken, nausea, muscular aches and pains, streaming eyes and red raw eye sockets? Correct, nobody! So best put it to the back of your mind! A quick pit stop for a very late lunch with my lovely Pepi and then it was back home to do the football run and cook dinner. No rest for the wicked! I got the few bits and bobs and medicines that I deemed necessary and hunkered down for the night.

I slept well and have had no side effects at all today and have managed to do lots of jobs around the house. I find keeping busy is the best medicine. I have also answered a great deal of correspondence. The emails and texts keep coming. A special thanks to Marilo and Kevin for their kind comments last week. My love goes to them as I fear they are going through a similar process as me. Good luck and chin up!

Later I collected Oliver and greeted him with a roast chicken, his favourite, so all was good. Izzie arrived and got stuck into her books… she is such a swat, but I’m grateful as I have never had to push her to study, a little star. Once all our jobs had been done we went down to the village to meet friends and the boys played football. Always good to let off steam for both the big and little people!

An early night for me and I live to fight another day.


  1. Well done you! Have read your column for some long time now. Am a volunteer In the oncology unit of a very large UK teaching hospital, keep fighting, don’t give in, I’ve seen so many sucess stories and am praying you will be one of them! Wishing you strength and hope, With. Love Jan. M. Xx xxxxxxxxx p.s tomorrow is another day x

  2. Dear Jan
    Thank you very much. You can be assured that I will keep fighting because there is only on e outcome for me and that is total recovery! Love Erica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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