La Linea expat jailed awaiting trial for sexual images of children


A BRITISH expatriate has been remanded in custody in La Linea to await trial for possession of pornographic material involving minors.

The National Police force tracked the 25-year-old man down through investigations of an internet site that allowed files to be shared.

The IP address the suspect’s account had been registered from was found to belong to a La Linea establishment with WiFi services that was popular among British citizens.


Following his arrest a judge authorised a search of the man’s home, which police say resulted in confiscation of numerous explicit recordings of underage children.


  1. What gets into these peoples heads, totally sick minds, Far too many are British.
    Just yesterday at Ayr Sheriff Court in Scotland an Ex cop was remanded in custoday along with his girlfriend for sick pctures of very young children and even babies being sexually abused and declared their desire to bred a child for sexual abuse and to share with others, Now it don’t get much worse than thatj


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