Madrid puckers up in protest against discrimination

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MADRID’S Puerta del Sol filled with dozens of couples on Sunday (February 22) who held a protest kissing session against homophobia.

The protest was called by Madrid LGBT group COGAM in protest at a recent memo sent to underground workers in the city urging them to keep an eye on gay people, buskers and beggars, implying that they were more likely not to buy tickets.

Amongst rainbow flags, the protestors chanted phrases including, “We’re not different.”


After the kissing session, Jose Lebaniegos, a Madrid Metro ticket inspector, read a statement expressing the underground workers’ regret that the memo had been sent out and their disagreement with its contents.

“We kiss against discrimination, racism and homophobia, to condemn these acts that are seen too often within companies, society and public life,” Lebaniegos declared.

General secretary of COGAM, Jesus Grande, stressed that the underground company’s reaction to the memo was quick and the author was immediately suspended, yet said that the group was concerned previous similar instructions had been given but not reported.

Meanwhile the regional government of Madrid explained that once the internal investigation concluded it would decide whether to step in and take further action.



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