Fear of fines causes extra long waits for MOTs

Paco Ancosmede on Twitter

CAR owners in Malaga Province are complaining of the long waiting lists they face when booking MOT appointments.

Whereas waiting times are known to get longer at certain points in the year, including the summer holiday period and when staff numbers in test centres drop, this time it seems new measures put in place by the DGT traffic authorities are to blame.

The number of fines have been ratcheted up since the authorities decided to use speed radars and road surveillance cameras on Spanish roads to crosscheck whether cars caught on camera had passed their ITV obligatory technical tests, causing family members and friends of those who have been fined to panic and rush to get theirs done.


Meanwhile the Junta de Andalucia regional government claimed that waiting lists are within the usual ranges at most centres, although appointments for the one in Malaga’s Guadalhorce industrial estate, the busiest in Andalucia with an average of 1,250 inspections per day, could take a little longer.


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