Capitalising on Roman remains

VILLAJOYOSA: A recently-uncovered section of Roman road

VILLAJOYOSA is among the nine municipalities and settlements in the recently-created “Roman cities of the Valencian Community.”

As well as Villajoyosa, whose Roman name was Allon, the network includes Valencia (Valentia), Elche (Illici), Alicante (Lucentum), Jativa (Saetabis), Lliria (Edeta), Denia (Dianium), Forcall (Lesera) and Sagunto (Saguntum).

La Vila’s mayor Jaime Lloret had recent talks in Sagunto with Marta Alonso, director general of the regional government’s Culture department, and his counterparts from Sagunto, Lliria and Forcall.


Culture is increasingly important in regional tourism, they agreed, and one of the principal topics under discussion was organising the Roman network as a tourist brand. 

“Villajoyosa is proud to be part of the Roman Cities route and we are grateful to the Generalitat for counting on us,” Lloret said.  Its inclusion demonstrated the importance of the town’s 11 Assets of Cultural Interest (BICs) which comprise a third of those in the area, he added.

“Not all of La Vila’s monuments are visible and funding is required so that they can be visited by residents and tourists alike,” the mayor said.



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