Palma bites back in war on Asian tiger mosquitoes


The Asian tiger mosquito has its days numbered in Palma de Mallorca as the council has decided it’s time to bite back.

The Palma councillor for Economy, Finance and Innovation, Julio Martinez, announced that the government had approved an added €60,000 to combat this insect.

Many complaints were voiced last year by harassed residents in the north and west of Palma, who were bitten repeatedly the ferocious mosquitoes, first detected in 2012 in the municipalities of Bunyola and Esporles and before they launched attacks on other areas of Mallorca.


“Experts believe that their arrival has to do with an increased number of tourists and the warm temperatures, which contribute to its biological processes,” said Mr Martinez.

People were alerted last year to the presence of this insect in their districts through posters.

The insects usually lay their eggs in places that hold small amounts of water, such as plant pots.

Residents can help prevent the proliferation of the mozzies by removing accumulated water from pots or other small containers every 48 hours.

In addition, councillor for Health and Consumption, Rosa Llovera announced that insecticidal tablets would be placed in drains around the town to prevent the development of the mosquitoes.


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