New Alicante mayor backs Ikea

yassan-yukky on Flickr

ALICANTE’S new mayor, Miguel Valor, has confirmed the city’s backing for Ikea and a macro-shopping centre in the Rabasa area. 

Detailed plans will soon be put on public display by the regional government, showing the 300,000 square metre plot between the motorway and Avenida de la Universidad where the Ikea complex will be located. The problem of access will be solved with a dual-carriageway link to Via Parque and another in front of the Rabasa military barracks.

Responding to the often-asked question of whether Alicante should have another shopping centre, Valor warned what could happen if they didn’t proceed: “If we don’t do it, someone else will – San Juan, San Vicente or Elche.”


Councillor for Urban Planning, Marta Garcia-Romeu, added: “City Hall backs the arrival of Ikea and the shopping centre because we believe it will be good for Alicante and also to create employment.”



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