Burglary suspects arrested thanks to citizen alert

LOCKS: Broken at nine properties the group is believed to have burgled.

TWO men and a woman in their late 30s were arrested in Malaga suspected of being behind at least nine burglaries in the city.

The group was spotted by a neighbor breaking locks and entering a home in the Alegria de la Huerta area.

The neighbor passed details of their vehicle to police officers, who took chase when the alleged burglars sped away, almost running over a pedestrian and his two-year-old son in the process.


The car eventually entered a cul-de-sac and the 30-year-old driver was arrested, and although the other members of the group managed to escape on foot they were caught soon afterwards in Mijas Costa.

A Mijas property was later searched and jewellery, watches, a mobile phone and €1,450 in cash discovered.



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