King Felipe features on new coins


NEW coins bearing the profile of King Felipe VI have gone into circulation this week.

The €1 and €2 coins are being introduced into circulation and will gradually replace the currency bearing the image of the former king, Juan Carlos. Around four million of the new 2015 coins were minted in January after being approved by the ministry’s treasury and financial policy division late last year, according to El Pais.

The new coins feature the image of the 47-year-old king, who ascended to the throne in June 2014, replacing his father. The former monarch’s image has been on the Spanish version of the €1 and €2 coins since the euro was introduced in Spain in 1999.

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The Economy Ministry said that the old coins will continue to be valid throughout the euro zone and will gradually be replaced by the new ones. A special €30 collector’s edition coin bearing Felipe VI’s profile was issued at the end of last year.

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