Two arrested for warehouse theft


GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested two people for a robbery from an agricultural warehouse in Gador.

The detainees allegedly accessed the store after forcing the perimeter fence and a window grate. Shortly afterwards, Guardia Civil officers pulled their vehicle over on Puesto de Gador after spotting that it had no rear licence plate.

After establishing the identity of ECS and SFU, both residents of Almeria City, the Guardia Civil officers carried out an inspection of the car, where they found part of a motor in the boot. When questioned by the officers, the vehicle’s occupants admitted that the item had been stolen from the warehouse a short distance away.

Officers proceeded to the warehouse and discovered the signs of forced entry. Inside, the officers discovered a partially dismantled engine with a missing piece which corresponded to that in the vehicle.

The officers arrested ECS and SFU on suspicion of theft. They await processing at Almeria magistrates’ court.


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