Spain targets terrorism with new bill

Photo: REUTERS / Cordon Press
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sanchez.

SPAIN’S political parties have joined forces in an effort to crack down on terrorism by agreeing to pass new measures aimed at combatting ‘lone wolves.’

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of the ruling Partido Popular and leader of the opposition Socialist Party, Pedro Sanchez, have agreed to introduce a bill that will give tougher penalties for terrorism offences.

The new anti-terrorism laws will cover areas such as financing of criminal activity, travelling to war zones and postings on social media.

The move comes after last month’s attacks by Islamist militants in Paris.

“We are adopting better judicial and operational tools to guarantee the freedom and security of Spanish citizens,” said Rajoy.

The government has been promising anti-terrorism reforms since last year but the Paris attacks have spurred the move to introduce the new legislation. Online recruitment and the training of extremists are also to be targeted by the new bill.



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