Project will share women’s wisdom

Elena Caballero

OLULA DEL RIO has hosted the first meeting aimed at finding the Wise Women of Andalucia.

The initiative, headed up by journalist Elena Caballero, is devised to publicise ‘feminine values.’ About 30 women attended this first meeting to find out and understand the wisdom that Wise Women can impart to help and motivate others.

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Caballero, speaking to the attendees, explained: “It’s about 12 personalities serving as guidance and inspiration to all ages.”

The initiative draws upon the wisdom of women such as Margarita, an Indian grandmother, Jean Shinoda and her women’s circles, the environmentalist Wanghari Maathai and spiritual leader Amma, as well as ancient goddesses like Aphrodite.

Caballero is passionate about communication. She said: “The goal is to retrieve feminine values in the present moment, inspire self-esteem and creativity through original, evocative text and beautiful illustrations.”

She has created a guide that will be shared among women in sessions held in different regions.


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