New Costa Blanca blood donors come forward in 2014


THE Murcia Regional Blood Donation Centre received 6,000 new donors last year, with over 50,000 blood donations taking place during 2014. Of these, 59.93 per cent were from men and 40.07 per cent from women.

The director of the Regional Blood Donation Centre, Dr Vicente, said donations in 2014 were down slightly from the previous year, but added: “It is not advisable to have surplus donations as blood products have an expiration date. The ideal is, as has happened in recent years, to adapt to supply and demand.”

He added: “Thanks to the solidarity and cooperation of society it has been possible to have another year with enough blood, successfully serving the healthcare demands across the region.”


Last year, the centre worked with the Foundation to Fight Leukaemia and 1,262 new bone marrow donors were added to the register.


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