March For Change rally brings tens of thousands to Madrid streets

REUTERS / Cordon Press
Pablo Iglesias smiles and waves to the crowds upon arrival at the Puerta del Sol

PODEMOS (We can) anti-austerity political party gathered 100,000 people in Spain’s capital city of Madrid today (January 31) in its March For Change.

During a mile long march towards the Puerta del Sol square in the city centre, cries of “Yes, we can” rang out from followers.

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Party leader Pablo Iglesias ended the rally with a speech, declaring: “here at the Puerta del Sol we dream, but we take our dreams very seriously. This year we’re going to work for political change and beat Partido Popular in the elections.”

Iglesias said that PM Mariano Rajoy’s politics, rather than creating jobs, have spread misery.

Following the recent win of Syriza in elections in Greece, many eyes are on Podemos, claiming the similarity between the parties and expecting similar results in Spanish elections this year.

Yet Iglesias made very clear today that his party believes the Spanish people have a right to change and write their own story, rather than be seen to copy that of Greece.


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