Ses Voltes gets go ahead for Sant Kanut festival


PALMA Council has granted a permit to celebrate the Sant Kanut festival in Ses Voltes tomorrow (January 31).

The event, which was considered an alternative celebration to the official programme of Sant Sebastian for the past few years, had not been authorised by the council on this occasion, causing a flurry of controversy amongst residents.

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However, the council has finally agreed to the celebration, granting permission to the Association of Jugglers and Jokers of the Balearic Islands and Thaki Runna Human Rights Association to organise the event between 8am and 10pm with a maximum attendance of 500 people.

Organisers have also agreed to be in charge of necessary medical services and the placing of chemical toilets and rubbish containers. The use of fireworks or unlicensed stalls will not be permitted.


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