PSOE asks questions on AENA privatisation

AIRPORT’S FUTURE: Maria del Consuelo Rumi (centre) has concerns.

MARIA DEL CONSUELO RUMI, the deputy for the socialist party PSOE in Almeria, has formally written to the ruling PP government to ask about the privatisation of airport operator AENA.

Specifically, Rumi has asked what will happen to Almeria Airport after AENA is privatised. Rumi said: “What are the guarantees offered by the government for the maintenance of the airport? What about the mobility of citizens and the stability of thousands of jobs?” Rumi has also asked whether any of the 46 affected airports will be at risk.

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The PSOE has made its objections to the privatisation known. In November 2014 the PSOE held a meeting with the management at Almeria Airport and their workers to offer its support.

AENA’S privatisation is set to culminate on February 11 2015 with shares going to institutional and private investors including the Financiera Alba, Ferrovial and The Children’s Investment Fund.


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