Flu epidemic brings hospitals in the province to a standstill


THE flu outbreak has led to full A&Es in hospitals across the province.

The increase in cases has been highlighted particularly at Sant Joan Hospital in Alicante, where patients reported waiting times of up to 20 hours, with others left attached to drips on beds in the corridors due to the lack of space on the wards.

One woman, who was accompanying her mother, said: “The staff are charming, but they cannot cope and tell us the whole hospital is full. It’s a shame that public health is in this situation.”


Cases of flu were expected to increase but hospital workers commented that the beginning of the week had been one of the toughest since the start of the cold and flu season.

However, despite the complaints about lack of space and staff to deal with the epidemic, the regional minister for health, Manuel Llombart, reported that the virulence of flu this year was lower than in other years.

He said that there were less severe cases in hospitals, proving that the vaccination campaign and vaccine were working.

Llombart added that 95 per cent of the patients arriving at hospital had not had the vaccination.


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