Spanish night out won’t break the bank

Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

THE average night on the tiles in Spain sets revellers back €62.97 according to a European-wide survey.

The country – renowned for years as being a cheap destination and place to live – is the 15th most expensive nation out of 28 European countries in which to have a night out.

According to consumer network One Big Switch, it costs more than double the Spanish figure to enjoy a night on the town in Luxembourg, the most expensive EU country in which to let down your hair, at a whopping €130.90 on average.


When cost factors such as transport, dinner, drinks, baby-sitting and late night snacks are considered, Spain sits at a respectable 15th place in the table, sandwiched between Malta and Greece.

Making up the top three most expensive countries are Denmark (€116.96) and Ireland (€112), while the cheapest place to paint the town red on a night out is Bulgaria at a wallet-pleasing €24.24.


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