Hush, hush, it’s all on the map

Cordon Press

BENIDORM’S less peaceful areas will be charted on a noise map.

Noise is a continual source of friction between those who want to play and those who have to work, said Public Safety councillor Jose Marcet, although conflict is not generalised but specific to certain areas.

 A Leisure and Rest Monitoring Committee has been set up with members including Benidorm mayor Agustin Navarro, town hall spokesman Conrado Hernandez, Policia Local chief Juan Fuertes and representatives from the Neighbourhood Council.


“After analysing complaints received by the police we shall know which businesses are not complying with regulations and where action is most needed,” Marcet said.

The Old Town, Calle de la Palma, the so-called English Zone and seafront bars are known to be noisy but the committee wants to go further, he added, by identifying the real “hot spots.”

Strategy to minimise situations that have caused so much ill-feeling between noisy businesses and residents should be defined by Easter, the councillor pledged.


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