Viator expands cemetery

IMPROVEMENTS: Mayor Maria del Mar Lopez and Miguel Angel Castellon, provincial deputy for Development.

VIATOR, Almeria, has completed new work in the town cemetery at a cost of €80,000.

The work, which took approximately two months to complete, has added 135 new niches that are divided into three modules. Viator mayor, Maria del Mar Lopez, and the provincial deputy for Development, Miguel Angel Castellon, visited the cemetery to inspect the new concrete niches.

Lopez said: “It was necessary to provide space. We have gained three modules with 45 niches each.


“During the last three years, the government team has carried out various improvements and expansions in the municipal cemetery for the purpose of increasing capacity and making it more accessible for the people who come to visit the departed.”

Castellon explained that it was the last part of a series of projects to remedy the problems in the cemetery. He stressed: “Almeria Council is focussed on helping municipalities in the development of necessary works and essential for the development of municipalities.”


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