Botanical gardens progress

José M García Urbano - Twitter
Botanical gardens progress.

WORK on the future botanical gardens being built in Estepona has taken giant steps over the last few weeks.

While before Christmas there was nothing to be seen but foundations, the third and final dome or the orchid building has been put into place, changing the scene completely.

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The six, 16 and 30 domes are to be covered in glass to provide light and heat inside the building.

The glass coverings will considerably increase the weight of the structures, with the main dome alone expected to weigh about 50 tonnes.

Inside, a 17 metre high waterfall will help provide a background for the orchid garden.

The building will be divided into two separate areas: one dedicated to American species of orchids and another to Asian examples.

Ana Velasco, Development, Infrastructure and Tourism councillor, explained that the work was 78 per cent complete and that the gardens should be ready to open in March as planned.


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