Record passenger numbers for AVE

Photo: Hugh Llewelyn/flickr

MORE people than ever used the high-speed AVE train during 2014.

The state-owned railway service Renfe has released figures for last year and highlights that nearly 30 million people travelled on the AVE and other long-distance train services. And despite the fact that cheaper tickets and attractive discounts no doubt boosted the number of passengers to record-breaking amounts, the company still posted larger profits than the previous year.

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In 2014, a total of 29.6 million passengers used the high-speed AVE service and long-distance trains, an increase of 15.9 per cent on the previous year. Despite the reduction in ticket prices, Renfe produced 6.1 per cent more revenue than 2013. The company recently announced that more destinations are to be added to the AVE train network this year.


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