Sandwiches fail to hide drugs in Zaragoza


THREE people were arrested in Zaragoza for drug trafficking after allegedly hiding cocaine in their chorizo sausage sandwiches.

Policemen followed and stopped a car they spotted turning round to avoid a routine checkpoint and discovered 150 grams of cocaine hidden in sandwiches in a cool-box inside the car, which they intended to take to France.

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After arresting the driver and two passengers, their homes were searched revealing 420 grams of marihuana, €2,700 in cash and a gun.

The three were linked to a group that has been under police investigation since a man arrived at a casualty department in Zaragoza with a bullet wound last September.

After investigations, the victim and an acquaintance in possession of 1.8 kilos of cocaine were arrested.

A few days later the alleged shooter was arrested in Sevilla.


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