Spanish actor sparks controversy

Photo credit: TLKVallecas Wikimedia commons.
WILLY TOLEDO: Sparking controversy around social media.

THE Spanish actor Willy Toledo has said the video of two jihadists killing a policeman after the Charlie Hebdo attack is ‘a hoax’.

In a tweet which links to a Facebook status containing said video, Mr Toledo wrote: “This is the video that proves the hoax of the murder of a police officer by the hands of an alleged terrorist.”

He also requested everyone share the images, as many times as possible, to unveil what he thinks is a hoax as he explained: “The video is not pixelated as the one shown on other television channels across the world, and has been taken down by all TV and internet platforms.”


The actor came under fire on Wednesday (January 7) for reportedly justifying the terror attack against the Charlie Hebdo magazine, when he tweeted: “The Pentagon and the OTAN bombard and destroy whole countries, kill millions every day. Did you really think they were not going to do anything?”

Later, he added: “I am letting people know what usually happens after a terror attack, I am not laughing at anyone, I am just remembering. ‘Western’ countries kill every day. Without noise.”

Back in December, the actor had already caused controversy after a man entered a cafe in Sidney, Australia, and took staff and customers hostage, which ended up with the gunman and two hostages dead.

The actor then commented: “A guy enters a bar. Takes customers hostage. No damages. A few hours later the police come in. Kill three people. Injure seven. ¡¡¡Worldwide Islamist Alarm!!!”

In both occasions, the actor infuriated hundreds of users who replied on the social platform, criticising Toledo’s cynicism on a tragedy which has shaken France and the rest of the world.



  1. What a pity !Mr Toledo , you should take a look around ,maybe you are the only one dangerous thing with all these unfortunatelly declarations……

    You should visit to the families victims and say it to them face to face !

    Je suis Charlie.


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