Police resume hunt for Marta del Castillo


POLICE have started to search again for the remains of missing Sevilla girl Marta Del Castillo.

Marta was killed in 2009 by Miguel Carcaño, who was sentenced to 21 years and three months in jail after confessing to the murder.

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Although searches were suspended last November, National Police officers have now begun to investigate deep wells in Charco de la Pava and Camas in Sevilla.

Jose Antonio Casanueva, Marta del Castillo’s grandfather, has thanked police for taking up the search again.

Casanueva said the family had always suspected the body could have been disposed of in one of the two areas now being searched as they were on Carcaño’s way home.

 ‘Truth tests’ were carried out in March on Carcaño in an attempt to discover where Marta’s body was as he had repeatedly given false information.

After receiving results of the tests, police searches concentrated on a dump in Camas and dug up remains of human bones, yet they proved not to belong to the missing girl.


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