Immigrants rescued

Pedro Terrades, Flickr.

A DINGHY with 26 immigrants on board was intercepted on New Year’s Day off the coast of Granada.

Amongst the immigrants there were 20 men, four women and two minors, all of them of sub-Saharan origin.

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The boat was found at around 7.35pm by Salvamento Maritimo (Spanish sea search and rescue team) 41 miles off the south east coast of Motril.

They were taken to the town’s port where they received medical treatment.

More than 3,200 immigrants arrived on Andalucian coasts in 2014, onboard 214 dinghies. Cadiz is the province that has received the most. The dinghy that carried the most passengers arrived at the coast of Motril on December 25, with 45 people aboard.


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