Beware of frauds, scams and hoaxes

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NATIONAL POLICE has launched a campaign to warn users about online scams, frauds and hoaxes.

Telephone numbers that start with 80 or consist on only five digits, false fines for downloading material with mobile devices, fake job offers or supposed bargains which turn out to be scams are amongst the cybercrimes that use social media and other websites to fool their victims.

National Police has launched a campaign titled ‘Some want to fool you, and not only on Fools’ Day, do not take the bait’ aimed at warning and preventing these crimes.


Mobile applications such as WhatsApp have been a constant source of scams during the past year. National Police officers have stressed the importance of not sending personal information through this app, or resending messages if we are not sure of its original source.

The experts at the Technological Investigation Unit have detected a higher risk for scams through online gambling sites.

The advertising of ‘official’ telephone numbers, belonging to big companies or citizens’ services, which could charge the user with up to €11 per minute have also increased.

To avoid becoming a victim of these frauds, the National Police experts advice the citizens’ to use their best judgment and a ‘rational suspicion’ when dealing with bargains that seem too good to be true.

In addition, it is advised to carry out payments through secure platforms.

It is also important to be careful with missed calls from numbers that start with 905 and job offers that request the victims to first carry out a payment, as this is usually a sign of scam.

As for smart phones, tablets and computers, it is recommended to protect them with official programmes and regularly update their systems to avoid spyware and other malicious software.


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