Balearic Regional President welcomes exceptionally gifted brothers

(Flickr by Casa de América)
BALEARIC REGIONAL PRESIDENT: he welcomed the exceptionally gifted brothers at Consolat de Mar

TWO exceptionally gifted children paid a visit to the Balearic Regional President Jose Ramon Bauza.

Marc and Carlos Burguera Diaz – two brothers from Mallorca with an outstanding academic performance– visited Consolat de Mar accompanied by their mother Yolanda Diaz and were welcomed by the Balearic Regional President and the Education Councillor Nuria Riera.

Marc is only 16 and has been studying aerospace engineering at Universidad Politecnica in Madrid since September of last year.


During his first term he received near perfect grades in every single course, but that does not come as a surprise when one takes a closer look at his past academic performance.

He skipped the last year of primary school and entered high school (ESO) ahead of time, where he also skipped the third year. At the university entrance exam he scored 13.56 out of 14 and is currently learning English and Arabic.His younger brother is 10 and skipped the fifth grade of primary school.

According to their mother, sometimes gifted students fail at school because they get bored. She asked Bauza and Riera to take measures aimed at detecting gifted children at an earlier age and to implement special programmes to help them.

Marc’s high IQ was detected when he was five, but the decision to let him skip a school grade was not made until he turned 12, she said.


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