Uber will not stop operating in Spain


UBER, the ride-sharing service, which connects passengers with drivers through a mobile app, will continue to provide its service in Spain.

The app was ordered to stop operating in the country due to the many complaints of licensed taxi-drivers, which condemned the service as unfair competition.

In a press release, the company explained that, even though the service was legally banned by a Madrid court on December 9, the owners considered the measure to be ‘disproportionate and discriminatory’ and that it was aimed at ‘stopping innovation’.


The same court had also ordered the immediate closure of the company’s website in Spain and requested that the telecommunications and payment platforms, which operate with the company, stop providing their services, to facilitate the closure.

Uber owners also said that they had not received a legal notification forcing them to stop providing their services.

The company, created in California in 2009, and valued in €32.2 million, has been banned in other countries including France and Belgium.


  1. As always the Spanish government springs into action and protects the status quo. They don’t give a thought for the masses as long as the rich and restrictive practice are protected.
    Franco is dead stop trying to resurrect him !
    Nothing changes!

    J M C


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