An all-time low for road deaths


THERE were 20 per cent less deaths due to road traffic accidents in Malaga Province in 2014 than there were the previous year.

Malaga provincial traffic authorities presented a report on Monday, December 29, revealing that just 20 people had lost their lives on roads within the province since the start of the year.

The figure includes pedestrians and drivers of two-wheeled vehicles, with just seven motorcyclists killed this year compared to 12 last year.


Trinidad Hernandez, head of the traffic authority, said that although talking of human lives lost is always painful, road deaths were becoming less frequent.

Figures have dropped drastically since the worst year registered in the province this century – 2003 – when 118 people died in traffic accidents.

Of the victims, 11 died on minor roads, showing that the priority traffic authorities are now giving these roads is vital.

Drink and drugs are still a major headache for the authorities, with worrying results from tests during the Christmas campaign giving 70 positive drug tests on drivers on just one Saturday night.


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