Lets rise for Christmas


HOLIDAY apartment owners in Spain look to be getting a Christmas present with rental enquiries for the festive season up 19 per cent.

According to holiday rental website HomeAway, 41 per cent of enquiries from Spain were for destinations within the country, giving a winter boost to property owners. The report was looking at data for enquiries to rent on dates between December 20 and January 7.

Much of that growth has come from Spaniards looking for an extra break, perhaps an indication of an improving economy. The numbers of enquiries from people in Spain grew by 35 per cent, with Catalonia, Valencia, the Canaries and Andalucia being the most popular destinations. The Canaries saw a 75 per cent rise in enquiries compared to the same period in 2013, and Catalonia had an 88 per cent rise.


When heading abroad the Spanish preferred destination is France, followed by the USA and Costa Rica.

For British people Christmas is the time to head for the Canaries with 75 per cent of the site’s UK enquiries for the Christmas period being for the islands.

Germans head to the Balearics, which have shown a 40 per cent rise in Christmas period enquiries. Most foreign tourists were looking to spend an average of six days on their festive holidays.


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