Police hunt down gang of thieves

SEARCHES: Police confiscated items including weapons and masks used during the thefts.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested and Fuengirola police are hunting for two more in connection with at least three cases of theft and intimidation.

The gang, with three members aged between 19 and 21, is believed to have been responsible for two separate thefts from a local shop during which masked thieves entered the premises and threatened the shop assistant before running away with the proceeds from the till.

Another recent case during which an elderly man was locked inside his home, beaten and threatened until he handed over money, watches and items of jewellery, is also believed to have been carried out by the same gang.


During searches of three local properties where the suspects are believed to live, policemen confiscated a fake gun, two knives, items of clothing, two masks and seven stolen watches.


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