Arboleas health centre on hold again

HEALTH CENTRE: Waiting on funds to continue the work.

MAYOR of Arboleas, Cristobal Garcia, and the Junta’s health delegate, Alfredo Valdivia, recently held a meeting to discuss the future of Arboleas’ health centre.

The Junta has asked Arboleas to wait until at least early 2015, until funds exist to continue the work.

The mayor of Arboleas reminded the Junta that the town of Arboleas had already paid €724,000 towards the project. The news reiterates the Junta’s announcement in April 2014 when it advised that payment of the contractor’s invoices would only be cleared when money was available.


Currently, Arboleas residents are using a centre designed for 1,600 patients. However the town now has 5,000 inhabitants – making a new health centre an overdue necessity.


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