Underage jihadist taken into custody

Ecemaml Wikimedia commons

AN underage jihadist girl arrested in Melilla has been taken into a youth centre in Madrid.

The 17-year-old was taken into custody by the Juvenile Prosecution Division and was put in a centre to move her away from her closest circle, as was done with a14-year-old from Ceuta who attempted to cross the border with Morocco to join the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria.

Another four young women above 18 years old have been arrested in an operation against jihadist recruitment networks.


Four women were in charge of the recruitment process, from Ceuta, Melilla and Chile.

They used social platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp to lure up to 12 young women from Ceuta and Melilla.

WhatsApp private groups were used by the recruiters to teach them about what they called the “Western world crisis of values” which could only be overcome with the strictest Islamism.


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