Malaga fire thought to be arson

migue_lezl Flickr
MALAGA FIRE: Thought to be worst.

LAWYERS think an initial police report blaming a shooting range for a forest fire in the Montes de Malaga area last summer was wrong.
The Campo de Tiro Olimpico Guadalmedina shooting range lost its licence following the fire – which affected 267 hectares and was considered the worst in the province in 2014 – when reports stated it started at the range due to negligence.
Lawyers employed to represent the Andalucian Olympic Shooting Federation have drawn up a report including technical details which state that the fire began between galleries three and four and reveals that a burnt tyre stuffed with dry leaves and newspapers was found there.
A broken padlock and a witness who allegedly saw a man wearing dark clothes who was obviously not a shooter leaving the scene are also recorded in the report as signs that the fire was started intentionally and not caused by a spark from a gun as determined by initial police reports.


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