Infanta Cristina hands over civil liability bond

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INFANTA CRISTINA: There is no proof she has committed any crimes

THE Duchess of Palma and younger sister of King Felipe VI has paid a civil liability bond of €587,413 into court.

It was demanded by the Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor´s Office for her alleged profiting from the funds purportedly diverted by her husband Iñaki Urdangarin.

The bond, however, ended up in Barcelona and not in Palma after it was mistakenly deposited in the wrong bank account. Judge Castro told the Infanta’s defence attorneys that the required amount had not been entered because of a mistake in the bank account numbers. The account of the Palma Court of Investigation Number Three ends in 0458, while the account of the Barcelona Court of First Instance Number 15 ends in 0548, he said.


Public Prosecutor Pedro Horrach has found no proof that the Infanta committed any crime that would make her criminally liable for the Nóos case – which involves the embezzlement of millions of Euros – but believes she may have benefited from her husband’s business dealings and be liable to pay money back.


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