Animalcouriers: The latest developments regarding the transportation of pets

TRANSPORTING PETS: A TRACES certificate is now necessary.

THE team at Animalcouriers like to keep their customers informed of any regulations or laws for the transportation of animals.

Enforced in January 2012, TRACES enables animal movements through different countries to be tracked.

TRACES is necessary for pets that are:


• Being rehomed to a new owner in another country including pets moving from breeder to breeder/friend to friend/breeder to new owner.

• Relocating with their owner to an EU country and travelling more than five days before or after their owner.

This must be recorded onto the electronic tracking system TRACES by a vet in the departure country a day or two before the pet leaves. The departure address or organisation must be recognised as suitable and be approved.

The vet making the entry in the departing country for a road journey will require a copy of Animalcouriers’ licences. We can provide these on request.

The TRACES entry will generate an ITAHC certificate that must be included with the pet’s passport and remain there for the duration of the journey.

You must inform your nearest Animal Health Office at least 24 hours before the pet is due to arrive. In the UK, this will be an AHVLA office.They reserve the right to visit the pet up to 48 hours after its arrival.

Each EU country interprets the TRACES rules slightly differently. Check the TRACES information published by the governments of both the departure and arrival countries.

In line with the TRACES requirements, Animalcouriers will only transport pets to the destination address on the certificate.

Animalcouriers Ltd is a DEFRA Type 2 Haulier with a licence to transport dogs and cats over journeys that take more than 12 hours; all our vans are inspected and carry a metal plate to prove they have been inspected and passed.

We are expecting to have a high number of dogs and cats travelling on TRACES certificates; we are TRACES compliant and are able to assist our clients when they need a certificate.

Please contact the team at Animalcouriers if you need to find out more about TRACES or any other regulation.

We are always happy to help.

0044 1483 200123 [email protected]


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