Energy poverty is growing in Alicante


THE number of families in Alicante unable to pay water and electricity bills has tripled in a year.

In 2013, the Department of Social Action gave aid to 216 families totalling €23,700. So far this year, 624 families have received help to pay electricity and water bills with the city allocating €137,000 to assist those in need.

Outside the city, charities and supply companies in Alicante province are now serving and helping more than 131,000 poor families. Energy poverty has been placed among the priorities of the major charities and those companies providing energy services in the province. As a result, Iberdrola is currently helping thousands of families in difficulties through their social bond which consists of a freeze on electricity rates and Aguas de Alicante has also helped almost 1,200 families in municipalities where it operates.


The Red Cross has allocated financial aid to 504 families this year to help pay for electricity bills.


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