New Consul takes her seat

WELCOME ABOARD: Former Consul Paul Rodwell hands over the reins to Sarah-Jane Morris

ALICANTE welcomed a new British Consul this week with the appointment of Sarah-Jane Morris.

Mrs Morris takes over from Paul Rodwell who moves to a new role within the Foreign Office. She will be responsible for one of the busiest British Consulates in the world, with the Alicante office supporting more than 2 million visitors to the region each year, as well as a large expat community of over 165,000. Every year, the team handles around 2,500 consular customers, from victims of crime to individuals in distress.

Mrs Morris will manage Alicante in addition to the Consulate-General in Madrid, where she has served as consul for central and northern Spain for the last two years.


“I am proud to have the opportunity to oversee the excellent work of the Alicante team, so ably led by Vice-Consul Lloyd Milen,” said Mrs Morris. “And I am looking forward to seeing what more can be done to improve yet further the service offered to British nationals.”

Mrs Morris’ job will be to focus on strategic issues, such as new ways of preventing and tackling the most common problems that face British people abroad. The local teams at the Consulate – led by experienced vice-consuls – will continue to lead the frontline delivery of consular assistance to Britons in distress.


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