The Land of Wines


THE Almeria: Tierro de Vinos (Almeria: Land of Wines) contest has now ended with a number of hoteliers blind-tasting an array of Almerian wines within four categories.

Twenty judges from the most renowned restaurants in the province came together at the Palacio in Almeria City for the second edition of the competition. The competition’s four categories were Young, Aged, Noble and Oak. 

The most successful winery was Laujar’s Fuente Victoria, which attained gold and silver awards in the Young and bronze in the Noble categories. The winner of the Noble category was Didacus Barrica Syrah, created by the winery of Seron. 


The winner of gold in the Aged category was the Senorio de Almanzora from the Alto Almanzora manufacturer, who also took silver in the same category with Valle Almanzora. Of special note, and given the sole honour of Indalo de Oro, was the Cristina Calvache collection from the Alboloduy winery, which has already won multiple awards in various competitions around the world. 

The Alboloduy winery owner took a few moments to accept the award while paying tribute to his winemaker daughter whom he praised because, he said: “We have had many medals.”

Almeria: Land of Wine seeks not only to promote products from lesser known Almerian vineyards but also to gain the commitment of hoteliers, restaurateurs and entre-preneurs to support these vineyards by using their wines to fill their stocks.


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