The great papal giveaway – Pope raffles gifts

Cordon Press

POPE FRANCIS is to raffle off expensive gifts he has received since being elected pontiff, in order to raise money for the poor.

The famously frugal Pope – who refuses to live in the opulent Papal apartments and drives himself around the Vatican City in a 1984 Renault – has organised a raffle to be held on January 8 for various gifts he has received from world leaders, royalty, and luxury goods brands.

In the great Papal giveaway, the top prize will be a white Fiat Panda, worth around €18,000, and the raffle also includes gifts he has received such as bicycles, watches, a Sony HD digital camera, an Illy Iperespresso coffee maker, and a Panama hat.


Posters have gone up in recent days around Vatican City advertising the raffle, with tickets on sale for just €10 each. The Pope is raising money for the poor, poverty being a social problem that he is dedicated to working on. He has in the past referred to the need for a “church for the poor”.


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