Tuna poacher caught

Tuna poacher caught

OFFICERS from the Seprona division of the Guardia Civil surprised a professional fisherman after he had caught a bluefin tuna during the closed season.


Seprona enforce rules that govern the conservation of nature and the environment, as well as hunting, fishing and forestry. During their standard duties, Seprona received a report from the Maritime Service alerting them to the presence of several boats approximately four kilometres off the coast of Cabo de Gata. It was suggested that these boats may have been fishing for bluefin tuna.



The Seprina officers proceeded to a high point in the town, so they could better observe the movements of the boats. Once one came into port, the officers took control of the vessel and discovered a 90 kilogram tuna, approximately 1.9 metres long. The bluefin tuna is currently in closed season.


A report has been made to the relevant authorities, while the tuna was delivered to a charity centre in Almeria.



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