Nudist beach tourists run scared in Canary Islands


Hundreds of tourists on Maspalomas nudist beach fled from the beach in fear, as a group of African migrants arrived from Sierra Leone on a boat with feverish symptoms similar to the Ebola virus.

The terrified nudists looked on in shock as the migrants got off the boat and were kept at the water’s edge whilst the authorities decided what to do with them. Eventually after seven hours interrogation and assisted medical attention, some were taken away by dumper trucks to a holding centre and others to a nearby hospital.

The group mainly from Sierra Leone and Guinea, were intercepted by police amid fears the men were Ebola ridden. The Red Cross arrived in full protective suits, cordoned off the area to separate the group from nearby nudists and began taking temperatures before whisking four of them off to a local hospital. 


Dumper trucks were then used to escort the men from the beach which is only usually accessible by foot.

Marco Aurelio Perez, the mayor of San Bartolome, told the paper: “It presents risks because it is an established destination.

“Unfortunately, illegal immigration has become a common sight in the West.

”The dump truck was used because the beach was so remote and it would have required multiple trips had they used ambulances,” he added.

Sierra Leone and Guinea are two of the worst hit countries in Africa, since the last outbreak where the deadly virus has already taken the lives of 4,800 people.

The government later confirmed none of the group tested positive for Ebola.

Sierra Leone is continuing to struggle due to a lack of treatment centres. The European Union has now pledged to invest £218 million (€278 million) into Ebola research, while it is also beginning its biggest single operation of transporting supplies to West Africa.


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